Judd Brothers Great North Run for MacMillan

Maureen Judd, (HR Manager - CCG, Gateshead) son’s, Calvin and Kieran, successfully completed the Great North Run on 8th September 2019, raising £1,200 for MacMillan Cancer Support.

With the Langley Holdings Charity Matching Policy, the total raised is a massive £2,400.

Calvin and Kieran’s Story

We’re running the Great North Run in memory of our Nana and Granda.

Shortly after our Granda Arty passed away we thought it would be a good idea to do the Great North Run in his memory (a fitting tribute to a man who was more sporty in his 80s than the two of us combined). “I don’t have to do it as well, do I?” was the reply of our Nana after we told her.

Sadly, our Nana got sick within a few weeks and she passed away just over a month later. The MacMillan nurses were incredible in the period before and after our Nana and Granda passed away. Selfless, compassionate and infinitely caring. Both our Nana and Granda couldn’t speak more highly of them.

So, we’re running to raise money for the MacMillan nurses, knowing that the work they do is absolutely invaluable. They help everyone with cancer live life as fully as they can, providing physical, financial and emotional support. Any donations would be hugely appreciated.

Both of us can barely run a bath let alone any distance further than the pub so it should make for interesting viewing.

In memory of:

Maureen Elliott 1938-2018

Arthur Whitfield 1930-2018

Calvin and Kieran during the run