Claudius Peters Compensated by KHD Humboldt Wedag

Claudius Peters Projects GmbH (“CPP”) announced today that all disputes with KHD Humboldt Wedag GmbH (“KHD”) involving past use by KHD of CPP ETA Cooler technology, and all related issues have been successfully settled.

The Parties had previously held numerous discussions to attempt to resolve their differences, however the real breakthrough occurred in September last year when the European Patent Office rejected KHD’s opposition against the European patent for the cooling process of the ETA Cooler. Discussions escalated during the appeal process and finally in November this year CPP has granted KHD a non exclusive, conditional, and non-transferable license for use of certain aspects of the ETA Cooler technology.

All pending litigation between CPP and KHD will be withdrawn. KHD has paid to CPP an undisclosed lump-sum settlement.

A spokesperson for CPP stated that “It was a long, hard road but we feel that the end result was worth it”.

About Claudius Peters

The name Claudius Peters has been synonymous with the global cement and gypsum industry for over a century. Founded in 1906, the eponymous company became part-owned by the British Babcock organization in the 1950’s and was owned by them outright from the 1970’s until being acquired by Langley Holdings PLC ( in 2002. Today the Claudius Peters group also serves the global steel industry via subsidiaries in the United States, Brazil, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Romania, India and China and employs over 600 people worldwide.