Britain’s fleet of Trident submarines is a key element in NATO’s defence of the free world. These nuclear-powered vessels, the most potent weapon ever built, spend many months at sea permanently ready to respond to a direct military threat. Aboard Trident and aboard non-nuclear submarines and surface vessels, vital electrical machinery produced by Piller Power Systems GmbH can be found providing unfaltering service in the most demanding of conditions imaginable, whilst in dock, Piller has provided shore-to-ship power systems since 1909.

Highly specialised naval dockyard cranes built by Clarke Chapman's Stothert & Pitt business unit and overhead cranes from its Wellman Booth unit are deployed for loading weapons systems - including nuclear warheads aboard Trident. Clarke Chapman's facilities management arm backs this up with a bespoke service helping to ensure that when Trident is called to duty, she is ready, willing and able to respond.

Elsewhere in the military arena, as in every commercial Airbus built, Claudius Peters stringers are also to be found in the A400 military transporter, whilst Piller ground power systems provide essential ground power necessary to enable airborne a whole array of military aircraft, including the President of the United States’ personal plane, Airforce One.