The food industry, global by its very nature, is a hugely diverse sector. From processing basic staples to meeting the demands of increasingly sophisticated consumer palates, food producers and processors rely on engineering to produce the systems that enable the industry to feed the world.

Langley companies are active in a number of areas of the food industry: In sugar, Claudius Peters’ stockyard systems handle bagasse - the name given to sugar cane after the sugar is extracted - and JND thermal technology drys raw sugar in large volumes. Elsewhere in the sugar-making process, Clarke Chapman's Mackley pumps can be found pumping molasses and syrups.

In cocoa, JND produce systems for conditioning, roasting and cooling cocoa nibs and materials handling equipment by Claudius Peters - stockyard, pneumatic conveyinggrinding and silo storage are all to be found at work. 

Claudius Peters' pneumatic conveying and storage technologies also have applications in free-flowing powder and granular foodstuffs, whilst Piller power protection systems are employed to eliminate the risk of costly power outages during critical manufacturing processes and Bradman Lake produce equipment to package finished food products.