Airports & Aerospace

Every year, tens of thousands of people fly millions of miles in aircraft built by Europe’s prime example of industrial co-operation – Airbus Industrie. From the early days of the A300 to the A380 "super jumbo", a Langley company has supplied vital components for every Airbus in service today. Providing rigidity and strength to the fuselage of the aircraft, several kilometres of specially profiled metal sections called “stringers” are fabricated into the skin of every aircraft built - manufactured at Claudius Peters’ aerospace division near Hamburg.

Piller Power Systems GmbH has been providing providing ground power systems to military and civil airports for over 35 years. Today Piller continues to ensure that the world's airlines, airports and military establishments receive the highest quality of power protection at all times.

And when it comes to the precision welding of aircraft engine cowlings, resistance welding expertise from ARO is second to none.