Airports & Aerospace

Every year, tens of thousands of people fly millions of miles in aircraft built by Europe’s prime example of industrial co-operation – Airbus Industrie. From the early days of the A300 to the A380 "super jumbo", a Langley company has supplied vital components for every Airbus in service today. Providing rigidity and strength to the fuselage of the aircraft, several kilometres of specially profiled metal sections called “stringers” are fabricated into the skin of every aircraft built - manufactured at Claudius Peters’ aerospace division near Hamburg.

Piller Power Systems GmbH has been providing providing ground power systems to military and civil airports for over 35 years. Today Piller continues to ensure that the world's airlines, airports and military establishments receive the highest quality of power protection at all times.

And when it comes to the precision welding of aircraft engine cowlings, resistance welding expertise from ARO is second to none.

Automotive & Continuous Manufacturing

Langley companies are found at the heart of the automotive and other continuous manufacturing processes. The ARO division provides resistance welding equipment, primarily to the global automotive industry and other sectors such as white goods and furniture manufacture. ARO is widely regarded as the world leader in resistance welding technology.

Other continuous manufacturing processes, particularly in the developing world, where power supplies are often unreliable rely on Piller expertise to provide uninterruptible power solutions that are efficient, adaptable and able to cope with any power load profile and ride-through requirements.

Broadcasting & Telecommunications

In the field of broadcasting, transmission of radio signals via sophisticated terrestrial and satellite systems without interruption is vital to bring us television images and radio services, whether it be from around the corner or from around the planet. Similarly in the telecommunications industry, transmission and distribution systems cannot be allowed to fail, not even for a second.

The mains electricity power that supplies these systems is simply not reliable enough to ensure that these systems can function, as they must, 24/7. A Langley company, Piller Power Systems GmbH, located near Hanover in Germany provides the very highest levels of power security to broadcasters and telecommunications networks systems so that when the mains power surges, falters or even fails completely, continuity is assured. Many of the world’s leading broadcasters and telecommunications networks rely on Piller Power Systems GmbH to keep us in touch.

Cement & Gypsum

A form of cement was in use as early as 7000BC and the Romans built major structures using it, but it was Joseph Aspdin, whose 1824 patent for Portland cement – so called because it resembled the stone quarried on the Isle of Portland off the south coast of England – that announced the birth of the modern cement industry. Consumption has grown relentlessly ever since. By the late 1980’s, world cement production had reached one billion tonnes per year; today it is approaching two billion tonnes per year.

Claudius Peters is a name synonymous with the global cement industry for more than half a century. The company's technologies can be found throughout the modern cement process from raw materials handling and fuel storage and processing systems to packing and dispatch automation, with particular strength in the field of cement clinker cooling. From cooling 500 tonnes per day in the 1950’s to over 10,000 tonnes per day today, Claudius Peters continues to lead the way in the 21st century with its ETA clinker cooler technology.

In the gypsum industry, from raw materials handling in the stockyard to grinding and calcining raw gypsum into plaster products, Claudius Peters is a name recognised and revered the world over.

Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals

Whether it is the paint we decorate our homes with or life-saving medication, chemicals and pharmaceuticals play a vital role in all our lives. From fertilizers to aspirin, and plastics to pigments, the modern world relies on a diverse array of chemicals and pharmaceuticals for everyday needs.

Handling and storage technologies from the Claudius Peters division at the bulk end of the sector, through fluids systems from Mackley Pumps UK and the thermal processes of coating and granulating fertilizer available from JND, also in the UK, to the premium power supply systems from Germany’s foremost power protection company, Piller Power Systems, safeguarding production of ultra-high value products, these companies all play their own key roles in the modern chemical and pharmaceuticals industries.


Above and below ground, from house building to tunnelling, the civil engineering and construction industry is responsible for shaping the world we live in. Reader cement products can be found in whole host of construction, DIY and civil engineering applications, while closer to home the regional UK house builder, Oakdale Homes Ltd, has picked up numerous industry awards and commendations since it began building new homes in 1985.


Britain’s fleet of Trident submarines is a key element in NATO’s defence of the free world. These nuclear-powered vessels, the most potent weapon ever built, spend many months at sea permanently ready to respond to a direct military threat. Aboard Trident and aboard non-nuclear submarines and surface vessels, vital electrical machinery produced by Piller Power Systems GmbH can be found providing unfaltering service in the most demanding of conditions imaginable, whilst in dock, Piller has provided shore-to-ship power systems since 1909.

Highly specialised naval dockyard cranes built by Clarke Chapman's Stothert & Pitt business unit and overhead cranes from its Wellman Booth unit are deployed for loading weapons systems - including nuclear warheads aboard Trident. Clarke Chapman's facilities management arm backs this up with a bespoke service helping to ensure that when Trident is called to duty, she is ready, willing and able to respond.

Elsewhere in the military arena, as in every commercial Airbus built, Claudius Peters stringers are also to be found in the A400 military transporter, whilst Piller ground power systems provide essential ground power necessary to enable airborne a whole array of military aircraft, including the President of the United States’ personal plane, Airforce One.


If energy is the lifeblood of a modern economy, then producing energy, whether it be from fossil fuels, nuclear, or wind power, is the heart that circulates this lifeblood to where it is needed.

Langley businesses can be found active in several key areas at the heart of the energy sector. Clarke Chapman's Stothert & Pitt cranes for example are to be found in the North Sea, one of the world’s harshest environments whilst ashore, Claudius Peters ash handling technology in coal-fired power stations and LPG distribution vehicles from Protran have their parts to play in the energy business.

In nuclear power generation, handling fuel rods and nuclear waste is a highly specialised affair. Handling systems from Clarke Chapman's Wellman Booth ensure that this, one of the most potent energy source known to man, is handled safely, whilst Piller has developed advanced electrical systems for regulating the inconsistencies inherent with wind power generation.

Finance & IT Hosting

Every minute of every day, trillions of dollars are moved around the world by the global banking system, the entire global economy depending on the silent activity of a finance system that never sleeps.

Behind this system are some of the world's largest and sophisticated computer datacentres and when it comes to ensuring an uninterrupted and conditioned power supply to these highly sophisticated electronic systems, the world's leading banks and financial institutions time and time again turn to Piller Power Systems GmbH, the world leader in rotary power protection technology.

With the ever-increasing importance of IT systems many data hosting, search engine and IT organisations rely on Piller to provide protection for their servers in order to prevent service interruption and data loss should an outage occur. Data centre developers and operators provide independent, high availability, colocation services where seamless UPS integration forms a critical part of their infrastructure.


The food industry, global by its very nature, is a hugely diverse sector. From processing basic staples to meeting the demands of increasingly sophisticated consumer palates, food producers and processors rely on engineering to produce the systems that enable the industry to feed the world.

Langley companies are active in a number of areas of the food industry: In sugar, Claudius Peters’ stockyard systems handle bagasse - the name given to sugar cane after the sugar is extracted - and JND thermal technology drys raw sugar in large volumes. Elsewhere in the sugar-making process, Clarke Chapman's Mackley pumps can be found pumping molasses and syrups.

In cocoa, JND produce systems for conditioning, roasting and cooling cocoa nibs and materials handling equipment by Claudius Peters - stockyard, pneumatic conveying, grinding and silo storage are all to be found at work. 

Claudius Peters' pneumatic conveying and storage technologies also have applications in free-flowing powder and granular foodstuffs, whilst Piller power protection systems are employed to eliminate the risk of costly power outages during critical manufacturing processes and Bradman Lake produce equipment to package finished food products.


Power failures are inevitable and, in the healthcare sector, potentially lethal. Power conditioning and back-up systems from Piller enables healthcare facilities to go about their business safe in the knowledge that electrical power to vital equipment and data are protected by the leader in rotary uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems.

At the other extreme, plaster of Paris – so called because of the large deposits of a special form of gypsum originally found around the French capital - has been immobilising fractured limbs for over a century. Producing this material to the particularly fine consistency required is achieved with both JND and Claudius Peters grinding and calcining technology.

Ports & Railways

With the global economy, the vast majority of goods travel between countries and continents by sea. When leaving and reaching their destination, ports and bulk terminals are the conduit through which everything must pass. In ports around the world Stothert & Pitt dockside cranes, are to be found still giving service after 30, 40, even 50 years.

The Claudius Peters group provides stockyard and silo systems for storage and distribution of bulk materials at terminals, whilst Clarke Chapman provides crane relocation and refurbishment services and facilities management to ports.

When UK Rail began upgrading the national network, replacing thousands of miles of track presented something of a logistical challenge but by producing rail in 250 metre lengths, the task could be made manageable. It was Clarke Chapman's Cowan Sheldon, one of the railway industry’s oldest names, that provided the solution of transporting rail in such lengths. The Long Rail Delivery System (LRDS) a specially developed automated train capable of delivering miles and miles of rail each day.


Meeting the ever-changing demands of the printing industry, Manroland Sheetfed GmbH, whose headquarters are in Frankfurt, Germany, is the press manufacturer of choice for many of the world's leading print companies. They know that their investment in legendary Manroland litho-offset press technology will retain its value and efficiency throughout its service life, continuing to deliver maximum performance and the highest possible quality output, often after more than 500 million impressions. In a highly competitive market that demands an array of special finishes enhancements combined with short lead times, Manroland’s highly customizable solutions combine the unbeatable quality and design opportunities afforded by offset printing with the speed and flexibility of digital, allowing print companies to deliver effectively and efficiently time and again.

Likewise, Druck Chemie based in Stuttgart, Germany, are a leading supplier of speciality chemicals, consumables and other services to the print and graphics industries offering over 4000 products to an international market through their network of local offices and distributors.

Minerals & Metals

From alumina to zinc, the world's vast mineral resources are mined, transported and processed to provide a staggering array of products used in everyday life.

Materials handling equipment from the Claudius Peters group - stockyard equipment, pneumatic conveying, grinding and silo storage are all to be found in the minerals and metals industry.

In Bahrain meanwhile, bulk offloading of alumina is undertaken by Clarke Chapman equipment at one of the world's largest aluminium processors. Cranes built by the group are also at work in some of the most demanding conditions imaginable in this sector.