Ports & Railways


With the global economy, the vast majority of goods travel between countries and continents by sea. When leaving and reaching their destination, ports and bulk terminals are the conduit through which everything must pass.

In ports around the world Stothert & Pitt dockside cranes, are to be found still giving service after 30, 40, even 50 years.

The Claudius Peters group provides stockyard and silo systems for storage and distribution of bulk materials at terminals, whilst Clarke Chapman provides crane relocation and refurbishment services and facilities management to ports.


When UK Rail began upgrading the national network, replacing thousands of miles of track presented something of a logistical challenge but by producing rail in 250 metre lengths, the task could be made manageable. It was  Clarke Chapman's Cowan Sheldon, one of the railway industry’s oldest names, that provided the solution of transporting rail in such lengths. The Long Rail Delivery System (LRDS) a specially developed automated train capable of delivering miles and miles of rail each day.