Team Gladiator

Gladiator Sailing Team is one of 12 teams that compete in the TP 52 SUPER SERIES the world's premier mono hull yacht racing circuit. Competitive sailing at the highest level is very much in line with Langley business culture. The 2018 Gladiator team comprises 13 of the world's top sailors and a support crew of six. 

Downwind in a strong breeze TP52’s can sail at well over 20 knots and it takes an average of 2-3 seconds to hoist a TP52 spinnaker to the top of the 22-metre mast. In 2018, Thirteen TP52 crews will take part representing nine different nations: Italy, USA, Great Britain, France, Turkey, Brazil, South Africa, Germany and Russia with sailors from over 20 nations represented onboard the 52 SUPER SERIES fleet.

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