Austin facility Charity Fund spreads Christmas cheer

In a heart-warming gesture of kindness and generosity, around 38 employees at Piller’s Austin facility (Active Power) raised funds totalling $3413 for the company’s 2018 Christmas Charity fund which traditionally provides Christmas gifts to local children and other deserving causes. Thanks to Parent company Langley Holdings plc’s match funding scheme, Piller were able to double the amount raised.

As part of their charity drive, ten local children aged between 2 and 11 years were ‘adopted’ to receive Christmas gifts which included various toys and five bicycles. A number of family gift baskets were also donated.

With the additional $3413 match funding from Langley Holdings, donations were also made to Austin Pets Alive, Meals on Wheels and Comfort Crew who provide resources and support for children of active duty parents in the military.

Charlotte Langley, Director of Piller Power Systems Inc.

The amount of money raised for the Christmas fund in Austin this year was astounding, and being able to support local charities and causes is a part of who we are as a company. Doubling our employees donations through our match funding programme meant that we could spread even more Christmas cheer to those who really needed it, and shows our employees that we support them and their local communities”.

Langley Holdings match funding equally matches any charitable donations made by employees and their immediate families.

About Match Funding

The group's match funding policy was introduced in 2015 whereby Langley companies equally match any charitable donation made by employees. During 2015 the group's companies matched around €63k of employee donations to a variety of causes. The employee's chosen charity must be legally registered with full charitable status in the employee's country; employees wishing to apply for a company matching donation should do so through the Managing Director of their respective company. Terms & Conditions apply.

About Langley Holdings

Langley Holdings plc is a diverse, privately owned engineering and industrial group based in the UK. The group comprises 5 operating divisions, based principally in Germany, France and the United Kingdom, with a substantial presence in the United States and more than 80 subsidiaries worldwide. The operating divisions produce equipment ranging from electrical systems for data centres and machinery for cement and steel plants, to food packaging lines, automotive welding equipment and printing presses. The group, which was founded in 1975 by the current Chairman and sole shareholder, Tony Langley employs around 4,300 people worldwide.