Lemonade stand raises $2000 for the Salvation Army

8 year old Ana (now 9), the daughter of Henrik Wetegrove President of Claudius Peters (Americas) Inc, recently raised $1,000 for the Salvation Army in Dallas TX by hosting a street sale lemonade stand.

Ana and her friend made the lemonade by using lemons which were left over from a party the day before. Having made a stand on their street they began yelling for people to buy their lemonade, and it worked! People started to buy their lemonade paying 50ct (or more) per cup.

The Salvation army announced previously that this money would be donated to help people suffering from the outcome of Storm Harvey in Houston.

Claudius Peters (Americas) Inc. matched the funds raised by Ana, therefore doubling her fundraising to $2,000.

Langley Holdings match funding equally matches any charitable donations made by employees and their immediate families.

About Match Funding

The group's match funding policy was introduced in 2015 whereby Langley companies equally match any charitable donation made by employees. During 2015 the group's companies matched around €63k of employee donations to a variety of causes. The employee's chosen charity must be legally registered with full charitable status in the employee's country; employees wishing to apply for a company matching donation should do so through the Managing Director of their respective company. Terms & Conditions apply.

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