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Boat captain Feargal does his bit in the fight against Covid-19

When Spain imposed its lockdown measures, it was clear working on-board the Gladiator would not be deemed as essential works and boat captain, Feargal Finlay, thought of ways he could help the community in the growing Coronavirus crisis.

In various media reports it became evident how 3D printers were being utilised to build small parts for Ventilators and Respirators where more would soon be needed in the ever-growing fight against the virus.

In the Gladiator workshop container there is a 3D printer for building small replacement and test parts for the yacht. Feargal took the printer home and setup an office to start building whatever was needed to help.

Soon he had joined a group of 3D print hobbyists and professionals who were supplying face shields to the local health authority where the units would be sanitised and distributed amongst the hospitals and surgeries around the island of Mallorca.

After a few weeks the group had made over 20,000 visors and soon progressed to making other aids such as Mask Retainers, Ventilator Valves, Elbow Operated Door Handles and much more mainly for hospitals, however word soon spread amongst other sectors of the community including the Red Cross and National Police.

Feargal: “It was a great feeling to be able to help the wider community personally, using the skills and knowledge that come with being part of the Gladiator Sailing Team.”

Gladiator boat captain Feargal Finlay – turning swords into ploughshares

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